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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Whether you own an established business or you’re just starting out, you no doubt recognise the importance of effectively marketing your product or service to generate interest and ultimately drive sales.

But choosing the best solution can be tough, with a gazillion options to consider; advertising & marketing agencies, employing somebody in-house, or maybe you should have a go yourself?

Here are five reasons why a freelance copywriter just might be the ideal choice for you:

1. A Copywriter can Generate A Buzz in your Business.

An experienced copywriter will be able to surprise you in their ability to make your product or service stand out in a crowded market. Using different angles and styles of writing, copywriters have a knack of being able to liven up even the most traditional of business, creating a genuine interest that leads to increased organic web traffic and more leads for you to convert into sales. Which is why you’re in business in the first place, right?

2. Copywriters Know How to Create Fresh, Relevant Content for Different Platforms.

When it comes to writing content for different media channels, copywriters are the experts. Writing for a printed Product Brochure is done in a very different style to writing a Blog Post or SEO Optimised Website Content for example.

A professional copywriter has the experience and skills necessary to use the right style and tone of voice for each platform, so the content has a greater chance of connecting with the reader and building your brand awareness.

3. A Freelance Copywriter Can Save You Money. And Time.

Using an Ad or Marketing Agency can be appealing, particularly those who are well known and respected – which is great if you’re happy to pay more. Typically, hiring a freelance copywriter costs less than an agency, as they don’t have the same overheads to cover, but can provide the same level of service. And great content, of course.

If you’ve been creating your own content up to this point, delegating this to a freelance copywriter will free up your valuable time to focus on everything else you do in the business (or to hit the gym/do something fun instead – the choice is yours!).

4. No Offence, But You Know Too Much.

And by that I mean, you know all there is to know about your business - it’s your baby. You came up with the idea, you worked day and night to set the business up and have been pouring all your time and energy into it ever since – sound familiar? And that’s great, but all that effort equals a strong emotional attachment to your business, which can influence how you talk (or write) about it.

You're an expert in your field of business - sometimes it's wise to utilise the skills of an objective professional (aka copywriter) to introduce and promote it to the rest of the world.

A copywriter is an outsider, who also happens to have the skills to look at a business objectively, to identify the exciting benefits the customer will enjoy by using the product or service and to translate all of that into powerful, relevant content.

5. Copywriters + Other Creatives = The Sales & Marketing Dream Team

When I was starting out in my marketing career, I had my first taste of working with an external PR Agency as part of my role. And after the first few meetings (mostly spent feeling like a rabbit in the headlights) I realised working with creatives outside of my marketing discipline was going to be very useful and educational in helping me develop my own skills.

The same goes for Graphic Designers and Print Agencies – unless you’re an unusual breed that can offer the full skill set, most Copywriters will have experience working alongside other creatives who are experts in their own field. The benefit of this is they tend to develop good working relationships, trust each other enough to recommend them to clients and combine skills to create something rather magical for the client.

So there you have it, a little intro to the potential benefits of working with a Freelance Copywriter.

P.S. They're pretty awesome at getting back to you quickly too ;)

If you'd like a chat about your project or anything I can help you out with, drop me an email to

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